Course Descriptions

Educational Studies, Faculty of Education

EDST: Educational Studies

EDST 497 (1-15) d Contemporary Educational Issues
Seminar that examines special topics and current issues within education. Pass/Fail. [1-0-0]
EDST 498 (1-15) d Contemporary Educational Practice
Seminar that explores various approaches, projects, methodologies, and teaching applications. Pass/Fail. [1-0-0]
EDST 499 (1-15) d Studies in Educational Leadership
Seminar that investigates effective educational programs, leadership, and practice. Pass/Fail. [1-0-0]
EDST 588 (3) Environmental Philosophy and Environmental Education
EDST 592 (3/6) d Conceptions of Teaching and Learning
Examines the philosophical foundations of teaching and learning in local/global contexts. Emphasis is on pedagogical knowledge relating to teaching, learning, and learner differences, and how educators can work productively in relation to curriculum, assessment and instructional media.

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