Course Descriptions

Educational Technology, Faculty of Education

ETEC: Educational Technology

ETEC 511 (3) Conceptualizing Educational Technology
Provides an overview of educational technology bridging theory and practice. Educational technology is conceptualized broadly as the study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using and managing appropriate technological processes and resources.
ETEC 550 (3) Designing Instruction
Introduces instructional design from analysis through evaluation and implementation. Emphasizes contemporary issues of designing instruction for diverse settings and contexts.
ETEC 553 (3) Leading and Managing Educational Technology Innovation
Exploring the leadership issues that emerge as new technologies increasingly influence educational contexts. Leadership models and the administrative concerns of program implementation and resource/project management are examined. Staff development, security, and policies for ethical use are explored.
ETEC 557 (3) Instructional Strategies for Digital Learning
Advanced topics in instructional design and project management.
ETEC 559 (3) Creating Technology-Enhanced Learning Environments
Paradigm shifts in education have influenced significant change in learning environments. This course is an inquiry into learning environments (past, present, and future) and explores the learning theories, software, hardware, and instructional strategies that support them.

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