Course Descriptions

Human Kinetics, Faculty of Health and Social Development

HMKN: Human Kinetics

HMKN 191 (3) Functional Anatomy and Applied Physiology II
Structure and function of the digestive, endocrine, urinary, circulatory, and respiratory systems. Special emphasis on the effects of exercise. Credit will be granted for only one of HMKN 191 or BIOL 122 and only one of HMKN 191 or BIOL 133. [3-2-0]
Prerequisite: HMKN 190. Registration limited to students in the B.H.K. program.
HMKN 302 (3) Social and Cultural Issues of Physical Activity
Social-cultural issues, principles, and controversies surrounding physical activity at the individual, community and population level and across the life-span in Canada. [3-0-0]
Prerequisite: All of HMKN 100, HMKN 105, HEAL 200.
HMKN 315 (3) Laboratory Techniques in Sensorimotor Neuroscience
Current methods in sensorimotor neuroscience will be demonstrated via modules presented by faculty in their areas of specialization including electromyography, electroencephalography, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and analysis of movement kinetics and kinematics. [2-3-0]
Prerequisite: All of HMKN 200, HMKN 310.
HMKN 316 (3) Laboratory Techniques in Exercise Psychology
Introduction to lab techniques and research methods used in the field of Exercise Psychology. [3-2-0]
Prerequisite: HMKN 201.
HMKN 323 (3) Introduction to Nutrition
Nutrients, nutrient food sources and their functions in the body, and application to healthy diets and eating practices. [3-0-0]
Prerequisite: HMKN 100 and either (a) all of HMKN 190, HMKN 191 or (b) all of BIOL 131, BIOL 133 or third-year standing in the B.S.N. program; or third-year standing in any program and completion of first-year human anatomy and physiology.
HMKN 410 (3) Respiratory Disease: Pathology to Prescription
Common respiratory diseases of the adult, including acute and chronic disorders. Respiratory diagnostics, therapeutics, and exercise interventions applied to these disorders. Credit will be granted for only one of HMKN 410 or HMKN 510. [3-0-0]
Prerequisite: HMKN 310.
HMKN 419 (3) Lifestyle and Metabolic Disease
The impact of exercise and nutritional interventions on metabolic health in obesity and type 2 diabetes will be explored through analyses of research articles, individual assignments, and a major group term project. [3-0-0]
Prerequisite: All of HMKN 205, HMKN 206, HMKN 313 and Either (a) HMKN 323 or (b) permission of instructor
HMKN 422 (3) Advanced Applications in Physical Activity and Health Promotion
Advanced strategies for health promotion in various arenas, particularly aimed at encouraging physical activity. [0-0-3]
Prerequisite: All of HMKN 322, HMKN 205, HMKN 206.
HMKN 431 (3) Exercise Rehabilitation for Clinical Disorders of Aging
Consideration of disabilities and pathologies associated with aging. Particular focus on physiological changes and how they affect quality of life and activities of daily living. [0-0-3]
Prerequisite: All of HMKN 311, HMKN 331.

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