Course Descriptions

Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies, College of Graduate Studies

IGS: Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies

IGS 501 (1-12) d Interdisciplinary Topics in Research Methods and Analysis
IGS 502 (3/6) d Seminar in Digital Arts and Humanities
IGS 503 (1-6) d Indigenous Research Methods
IGS 509 (1-6) c Directed Studies in Interdisciplinary Research Methods
IGS 515 (3) Advanced Qualitative Methods
IGS 520 (1-12) d Special Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies
IGS 523 (1-6) d Special Topics in Indigenous Studies
IGS 524 (1-3) d Proseminar in Interdisciplinary Studies
This seminar-based course prepares graduate students to excel in their academic, professional and scholarly pursuits by engaging topics related to professionalism and scholarly communication. May be offered for 1, 2 or 3 credits; program requirements for the IGS MA, MSc and PhD programs require completion of 3 credits in total. Restricted to students in the IGS MA, MSc, or PhD program. Pass/Fail.
IGS 529 (1-6) c Directed Studies in Indigenous Studies
IGS 530 (1-12) d Special Topics in Creative and Critical Studies
IGS 539 (1-6) c Directed Studies in Creative and Critical Studies
IGS 542 (1-6) c Directed Studies in Urban Studies
IGS 543 (1-12) d Special Topics in Sustainability
IGS 544 (1-6) c Directed Studies in Sustainability
IGS 550 (1-12) d Special Topics in Social Science Research
IGS 559 (1-6) c Directed Studies in Social Science Research
IGS 560 (1-9) d Special Topics in Latin American and Iberian Studies
IGS 561 (1-9) c Directed Readings in Latin American and Iberian Studies
IGS 583 (3) Urban and Regional Studies
Theory and methodologies for understanding urban and regional studies. Topics include urban, regional and rural policy issues.
IGS 584 (3) Sustainability Theme Seminar
Introduction to the challenges and opportunities of interdisciplinary sustainability research, including problem framing, research methods and socio-ecological applications from contributing disciplines.
IGS 585 (3) Knowledge Mobilization and Sustainability Policy
Exploration of opportunities and constraints to translating interdisciplinary sustainability research into effective social action. Approaches to implementing sustainability to be considered include: political and legal frameworks; federal and provincial policy forums; corporate social responsibility; First Nations environmental stewardship challenges; and sustainability in education and the arts.
IGS 586 (3-6) d Community Engagement, Social Change, and Equity Theme Seminar
Will provide the necessary theoretical background on Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR). Students will learn about a range of strategies and principles of CPBR; advantages and limitations of this approach; skills necessary for participating effectively in CBPR projects.
IGS 587 (3) Global Politics, Culture and Theory
Examination of conceptual approaches to Global Studies.
IGS 588 (3) Global Studies Panorama
Introduction to interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches to the field of Global Studies.
IGS 589 (3) Governance
Frameworks of governance systems and public policy. [0-0-3]
IGS 590 (3) Power and Ideas
Exploration of the complex relations between power, knowledge and ideas.
IGS 591 (3) Society and Conflict
Utilizing social theory to analyze conflict and inequality. [0-0-3]
IGS 592 (3) History, Theory, and Method
Explores selected problems and issues in the theory and practice of historical work. Credit will be granted for only one of IGS 592 or HIST 492.
Equivalency: HIST 492.
IGS 599 (12-18) d Master's Thesis
IGS 601 (1-12) d Advanced Topics in Research Methods and Analysis
IGS 620 (1-12) d Advanced Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies
IGS 699 (0) Doctoral Thesis

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