Course Descriptions

Faculty of Applied Science

IMTC: Immersive Technologies

IMTC 505 (3) Fundamentals of Immersive Technologies
Immersive technology principles; design of AR/MR/VR platforms; immersive interaction techniques; 3D user interfaces; custom XR app design; applications to mobile and wearable devices.
IMTC 506 (3) User-Centered Immersive Design
Immersive design; user-centered and customer-oriented design; project-based learning; project conceptualization; industry- and community-sourced applications of immersive technologies.
IMTC 507 (3) Immersive Technology Design Studio
Application of immersive technologies design skills; interactive immersive technology production; reflection on practice and critical thinking; art in contemporary XR production.
Prerequisite: All of IMTC 505, IMTC 506.

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