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Japanese Studies, Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies

JPST: Japanese Studies

Students cannot take language courses out of sequence. Once a student successfully completes a Japanese language course, they can no longer enroll in a course that is below the level of the last course that has been completed. Students should consult an advisor to ensure that they are enrolling in a level-appropriate Japanese language course.

JPST 100 (3) Beginning Japanese Language I
Introduction to spoken and written modern Japanese, with emphasis on both form (grammar and syntax) and functions. Students who have completed Japanese 12, native and heritage speakers cannot receive credit for JPST 100.
JPST 101 (3) Beginning Japanese Language II
Continuation of JPST 100 Students who have not completed JPST 100 should consult with the instructor before enrolling in this course.
Prerequisite: JPST 100. Minimum grade of 55%.
JPST 200 (3) Continuing Japanese Language I
Pre-intermediate study of spoken and written modern Japanese with a proficiency-based, functional focus. Students who do not have JPST 101 are encouraged to consult with the instructor.
Prerequisite: JPST 101.
JPST 201 (3) Continuing Japanese Language II
Continuation of JPST 200. Students who do not have JPST 200 are encouraged to consult with the instructor.
Prerequisite: JPST 200.
JPST 215 (3) Introduction to Contemporary Japan Through Pop Culture
Contemporary Japanese society through topics in popular culture, such as gender performativity, forms of play, manga, anime and film. In English. Credit will be granted for only one of JPST 215 or CULT 205.
Prerequisite: 3 credits of first-year ENGL.
Equivalency: CULT 205.
JPST 300 (3) Japanese Through Manga: Business Culture
Intermediate grammar patterns, business culture, and professional language in a narrative context of Japanese manga.
Prerequisite: JPST 201.
JPST 354 (3) Introduction to Japanese Cinema
Historical and thematic survey of major directors, genres, and traditions in Japanese film from 1950 to the present. In English.
Prerequisite: Third-year standing.
JPST 370 (3) Japanese Food Culture
Social, historical, political, and environmental dimensions of the development of traditional and contemporary Japanese food culture. Taught in English. Credit will not be granted for both JPST 370 and JPST 395A.
Prerequisite: Third year standing.
JPST 395 (3/9) d Topics in Modern Japanese Literature and Culture
A range of literary and cultural topics such as film adaptations, travel writing, manga, and horror.
Prerequisite: Third year standing.

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