Course Descriptions

Early Childhood Education, Faculty of Education

ECED: Early Childhood Education

ECED 405 (3) Foundations of Early Childhood Education
The philosophical foundational theory of early learning as well as early learning law, and policies are described and analyzed. Current research on early learning programs is discussed and students will assess and evaluate a range of early learning programs. Pass/Fail. [3-0-0]
ECED 416 (3) Kindergarten Curriculum
The development of kindergarten programs with reference to recent research, theories of early learning, curriculum trends and practices, and the place of kindergarten in contemporary education. Pass/Fail. [3-0-0]
ECED 420 (3) History of Early Childhood Education
Foundational knowledge of the history of early childhood education in North America, including political, philosophical, social, and cultural factors that influenced movements and trends in early childhood education in North America over the last two hundred years. Pass/Fail. [3-0-0]
ECED 421 (3) Supporting Young Children through Home, School, and Community Relationships
Philosophy, history, and problems of the parent-teacher partnerships; the development of effective cooperation through individual parent-teacher conferences and parent-group discussions; examination of community services and interprofessional relationships. Pass/Fail. [3-0-0]
ECED 438 (3) Observation and Recording
Methods of observing, recording, and interpreting children's behaviour in early childhood settings and in using data for educational guidance following developmentally appropriate practices. Pass/Fail. [3-0-0]
ECED 440 (3) Play and Early Childhood Education
Examines the key issues, practices, philosophies, and research findings that explore childhood play as it is integrated into formal learning. Pass/Fail. [3-0-0]
ECED 441 (3) Language Nests in Early Learning
Examines research in education, linguistics, anthropology, and cognitive psychology that pertains to children entering school with a primary language other than the dominant language, with particular attention to aboriginal children's language realities. Pass/Fail. [3-0-0]
ECED 443 (3) Theories of Early Learning
Explores how current knowledge relating to learning theory in early years education is reflected in present-day early years programming and assessment. Also examines how these initiatives might impact teaching practice and parent/teacher communications. Pass/Fail. [3-0-0]
ECED 444 (3) Early Numeracy
Early learners need mathematical activities that nurture numeracy through children's literature, songs, poetry, play, and games. Influences of the family and the environment will be explored. Research and practice will be explored to identify best practices for early numeracy. Pass/Fail. [3-0-0]
ECED 445 (3) Poverty, Child Development, and Early Learning
Examines socio-economic and community factors in early child development and learning. "Vulnerable indicators" within developmental areas that influence healthy child development are explored. Pass/Fail. [3-0-0]
ECED 463 (3) Early Language and Literacy Development
The influences of language, emergent literacy, and growth are examined. How reading and writing develop as integrated processes within oral language acquisition is also explored. Credit will be granted for only one of ECED 463 or LLED 463. Pass/Fail. [3-0-0]
Equivalency: LLED 463.
ECED 480 (3/6) d Special Topics in Early Childhood Education
A study of innovative practices, ideas, and theories in early childhood education. The specific topics may change yearly to reflect changing priorities and interests in early childhood education and the specific interests and competencies of visiting and regular faculty. Pass/Fail. [3-0-0]

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