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Music, Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies

MUSC: Music

MUSC 100 (3) Principles of Musical Form
Fundamental materials and processes of music - rhythmic, melodic, textural, and harmonic - and how they create small-scale structures in a variety of styles. Compositional and analytical applications. Training in listening, sight-singing, and score-reading skills. [3-0-0]
MUSC 103 (3) Introduction to the Theory of Music
Concepts of rhythm, pitch, timbre, and texture; notation and aural recognition of rhythmic and pitch patterns; basic principles of melody and form. [3-0-0]
MUSC 110 (3) Understanding Music
Fundamental skills for understanding and appreciating Western art music. For students with little or no musical training. [3-0-0]
MUSC 115 (3) Popular Music and Visual Cultures
A survey of changing attitudes toward class, ethnicity, gender, and ideology as reflected in folk, blues, jazz, rock, and hip-hop music and their accompanying visual cultures from the early 20th century to the early 21st century. Credit will be granted for only one of MUSC 115 or ARTH 115. [3-0-0]
Equivalency: ARTH 115.
MUSC 120 (3) History of Music I
Introductory survey of music and musical values in Western and selected non-Western societies through humanistic, cultural, historical, and musical-analytical perspectives. [3-0-0]
MUSC 121 (3) History of Music II
The development of Western music from circa 1500 to circa 1750. [3-0-0]
MUSC 324 (3) Sound Art and Experimental Music
A study of selected alternatives to formal compositions performed by skilled professionals, ranging from avant-garde experiments in noise and chance to sound art and audio-narrative for performances and installations. Credit will be granted for only one of MUSC 324 or ARTH 324. [2-0-2]
Prerequisite: Third-year standing.
Equivalency: ARTH 324.

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