Course Descriptions

Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies

MDST: Media Studies

MDST 101 (3) Digital Media Theory
Contemporary issues in media studies. Notions of copyright, intellectual property, and information privacy and globalization in relation to digital media, identity, and creativity. Analysis of the digital culture, professionalism and ethics. [2-2-0]
MDST 310 (3) Mobile Application Design
This course will provide students with a methodology for conceptualizing and producing branded interactive applications for mobile devices including (but not limited to) smart phones and tablets. [1-3-0]
Prerequisite: VISA 268.
MDST 320 (3) Creative Coding
Theory and practice of encoding creative process and designing software for visualization, simulation, sonification, and generative systems. Techniques from artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive science, graphics and sound generation. [2-2-0]
Prerequisite: VISA 108 and one of COSC 222, COSC 223.
MDST 330 (3) Immersive Installation
Explores immersive installation as a creative practice that blurs the line between both physical and virtual environments. Focus on interactive installation production, reflection on practice and critical discussion. [2-3-0]
Prerequisite: VISA 269 and one of COSC 222, COSC 223.
MDST 490 (3) Seminar Series
Presents topics of relevance to media studies. Pass/Fail. [3-0-0]
Prerequisite: Fourth-year standing
Corequisite: All of COSC 305, MDST 499.
MDST 499 (9) Capstone Media Project
Capstone project in teams. [3-6-0]
Prerequisite: 3 credits of 3rd-year MDST and 3 credits of 3rd-year DIHU and COSC 310.
Corequisite: All of COSC 305, MDST 490.

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