Program, Course, and Faculty Fees

Tuition fees are reviewed annually by the Board of Governors. In recent years, tuition increases have been 2% for continuing domestic students and between 2% and 5% for continuing international students.

Program and Course Fees

Programs/Courses Amount
Co-op fee1 $774.75
Co-op workshop fee $251.75
Distance Education course administration fee2 $52.25
English Foundation Program (EAP 103 and EAP 104) $5,580.25
Go Global application and administration fee (applies also to VIRO) $415.00
Student accident insurance3 $7.00
Course Field Trips Amount
ANTH 306 variable
BIOL 371 $79.59
BIOL 372 $79.59
BIOL 420D $76.50
BIOL 420Z $583.66
GEOG 416 $780.30
GEOG 437 $63.67
EESC 335 $63.67
EESC 390 $884.34
EESC 435 $63.67
EESC 437 $63.67
1 UBC undergraduate students who are on a Co-Op work term must register for the appropriate Co-Op course and pay the Co-Op Fee per work term, plus student fees for the Winter Session. In addition, students will be assessed the transit U-Pass fee and the Extended Health and Dental Plan fee.
2 A non-refundable administrative fee will be assessed for registration in each Distance Education course.
3 Departments may require students performing coursework in environments where the risk of injury is greater than in a classroom (e.g., laboratories, field work, clinical practice, practicums, etc.) to purchase student accident insurance. See UBC Risk Management Services for more information.

Faculty Fees

Applied Science
B.A.Sc. Annual Professional Activities fee1 $116.25
1 This fee is assessed for all students registered in the B.A.Sc. program upon entry into each year of the program. An Advisory Committee, which includes faculty members and students, will make recommendations on the allocation of the funds.

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