Mathematical Sciences

Major in Mathematical Sciences

Note: The UBC Okanagan campus also offers a B.A. Major in Computer Science, a B.Sc. Major in Computer Science, a B.Sc. Major in Data Science1, a B.A. Major in Mathematics, a B.Sc. Major in Mathematics, and a B.Sc. Combined Major in Physics and Mathematics.

This program provides students with a solid grounding in the mathematical sciences including mathematics, statistics, and computer science. While maintaining a strong core in mathematics, the program allows students to emphasize mathematics, statistics, computer science, or any combination of the three. Computer science and statistics are extensively integrated throughout the program.

A graduate of this program is prepared for further study in the mathematical sciences, or to enter into a career in business, education, government, industry, and financial institutions. Each student must consult with the department head in his or her first or second year for advice in planning his or her third- and fourth-year courses. Students planning to enter this program must include the course sequence COSC 111/121 in their 30 credits of required first-year courses.

First Year Credits
CHEM 111 or CHEM 121; and CHEM 113 or CHEM 123 6
COSC 111, 121 6
Two of ENGL 112 or 114, 113, 150, 151, 153 6
MATH 100, 101 6
PHYS 111 or 112 3
PHYS 102, 121 or 122 3
Total Credits 30
Second Year
COSC 221, 222 6
DATA 311 3
MATH 200, 220, 221, 225 12
STAT 230 3
Arts electives1 6
Total Credits 30
Third and Fourth Years
COSC 310, 320 6
MATH 307 3
One of MATH 311, 327 3
One of MATH 319, 340 3
STAT 303 3
One of STAT 401, 410 3
Arts electives1 6
Upper-level Computer Science elective 3
Upper-level Mathematics elective 3
Upper-level Science elective 3
Upper-level Statistics elective 3
Upper-level electives selected from Mathematics, Statistics, Data Science, or Computer Science 9
Upper-level electives 9
Elective 3
Total Credits 60
Minimum credits for degree 120
1 At least 18 credits (including the 6 credits in first-year English) must be in Arts courses.

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