Program Overview

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The Bachelor of Media Studies (B.M.S.) degree is a four-year, direct-entry, multi-disciplinary cohort program blending practice, theory, and research methodology in the participating disciplines. Students take designated “core” courses from within the following subject areas: Cultural Studies; Creative Writing; Digital Humanities; Media Studies; and Visual Arts. Students will be part of collaborative teams working on innovative, socially and economically relevant projects, developing a portfolio of skills and experiences to meet today’s employment and entrepreneurial needs.

The core curriculum consists of 63 mandatory credits ensuring broad competencies to offer practical and relevant experiential learning opportunities for media research and creation; the remaining electives will be chosen among acceptable electives and concentrations in consultation with a program advisor to enable some specialization for the workplace or for further study. In consultation with the program advisor, each student will develop a Learning Plan to guide them in choosing electives and preparing for co-curricular opportunities in the field.

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