Cultural Studies

Major in Cultural Studies

First and Second Years

B.A. requirements, including the following:

  • CULT 100, 101;
  • 3 credits of CULT courses numbered from 200 to 229;
  • 3 credits of CULT courses numbered from 230 to 269;
  • 3 credits of CULT courses numbered from 270 to 289; and
  • 3 credits of 100- or 200-level CRWR, DIHU, GWST, INDG, SOCI, THTR, VISA; and
  • 70% average in 12 credits of Cultural Studies.

Third and Fourth Years

30 credits from the 300- and 400-level courses below with at least 9 credits in each of the three streams (media and popular cultures, global, and theory), and at least 3 credits of CULT in each of the three streams.

Media and Popular Cultures Course List
CULT 300 Documentary and Docudrama (ENGL 378)
CULT 305 English-Canadian Screen Culture (ENGL 377)
CULT 309 Advanced Practice in Printmaking (VISA 336)
CULT 310 Advanced Photography (VISA 362)
CULT 311 Advanced Media Communications (VISA 382)
CULT 312 Internet Culture
CULT 315 Television Studies (ENGL 376)
CULT 320 Creative Activism: Art, Media, and Social Justice (ARTH 323)
CULT 325 Media and the Politics of Identity
CULT 400 Topics in Popular Culture (ENGL 493)
CULT 401 Topics in Media Studies
CULT 405 Reading Gothic Film (ENGL 455)
CULT 410 Asian Cinema
CULT 480 Performance Studies (THRT 411)
CULT 485 Masculinities, Media, and Performance
VISA 371 Digital Documentary Production
Global Cultural Studies Course List
ANTH 355 Ethnography of Development
ANTH 473 Endangered Languages
ARTH 302 Global Contemporary Art
ARTH 410 Gender, Art, and Space in the Islamic World
CULT 340 Postcolonial Literary and Cultural Studies (ENGL 379)
CULT 341 Globalization, Literature, and Culture (ENGL 341)
CULT 345 Studies in Backgrounds to International Literature in English (ENGL 345)
CULT 346 Human Rights, Literature, and Culture (ENGL 384)
CULT 350 Indigenous Literature: Intellectual Traditions (ENGL 387)
CULT 351 Settler Studies, Literature, and Culture (ENGL 385)
CULT 364 Modern Japanese Literature in Translation (JPST 364)
CULT 366 Modern Japanese Women Writers in Translation (JPST 366)
CULT 435 African Studies (ENGL 435)
CULT 437 Postcolonial Studies (ENGL 437)
CULT 445 Studies in International Literature in English (ENGL 480)
CULT 450 Studies in Indigenous Literature and Criticism (ENGL 473)
GERM 303 Topics in German Studies (in English)
FREN 420 Selected Topics in French Literature and Culture (in French)
HIST 352 Class and Culture in Latin America
INDG 302 Indigenous Governance
INDG 304 Pre-field Methods
INDG 306 Indigenous Land Claims
INDG 308 Indigenous Culture, Heritage, and Intellectual Property
INDG 310 Gender Nation State Resistance
INDG 420 Indigenous Perspectives on Food, Place, Identity, and Biodiversity
INDG 440 Residential Schools and Reconciliation
INDG 450 Women Feminisms Activisms
PHIL 437 Philosophy and the Global State
SOCI 301 Sociology of Development and Underdevelopment
SOCI 430 Labour in a Global Economy
SOCI 467 Social Movements
Critical and Cultural Theory Course List
ARTH 301 Critical Viewing - Advanced Studies
ANTH 300 Contemporary Theory in Anthropology
ANTH 377 Sociolinguistics
CULT 371 Modern Critical Theory and Interdisciplinary Methods (ENGL 309)
CULT 375 Auto/Biography Survey (ENGL 342)
CULT 470 Interdisciplinary Studies in Critical Theory (ENGL 412)
CULT 475 Topics in Auto/Biography (ENGL 456)
CULT 460 Posthumanism and Critical Animal Studies (ENGL 457)
FREN 435 Critical Approaches to French Studies
GEOG 358 Gender, Place, and Culture
GEOG 359 Culture, Space, and Politics
GEOG 480 Advanced Seminar in Critical Geography
GWST 333 Perspectives on Gendered Bodies
GWST 335 Gender and Women's Studies in Humanities
GWST 336 Feminist Cultural Studies
INDG 301 Examining Indigenous Methodology: En'owkinwixw
INDG 303 Indigenous Studies Theory and Methodology
INDG 305 Indigenous Justice
INDG 307 Traditional Ecological Knowledge
SOCI 303 Ethnic and Racial Inequality
SOCI 313 Advanced Studies in Sociology of Gender
SOCI 320 Cultural Studies in Sociology
SOCI 371 Deviance and Social Control
SOCI 415 Feminist Theory
Other Cultural Studies Courses
CULT 490 Topics in Cultural Studies
CULT 495 Directed Studies
CULT 499 Community-Engaged Research in Cultural Studies

Not all courses will be offered each year; the program will publish the list of offered courses on a year-to-year basis at Cultural Studies.

Some of this program's third and fourth year course options are from other established programs, which may have program-based prerequisites that will limit students' choices. Students are advised to make themselves aware of these prerequisites as they plan their degrees.

Combined Major with Cultural Studies

A combined major is created by satisfying the requirements for a combined major in Cultural Studies and another B.A. program that offers a combined major (currently Art History and Visual Culture, Creative Writing, and English). A single course can only fulfill the combined major requirement for one program.

The Cultural Studies requirements for the combined major include the following:

First and Second Years

B.A. requirements, including the following:

  • CULT 100, 101;
  • 6 credits of 200-level CULT, with no more than 3 credits from any one of the following groups:
    • 3 credits of CULT 205, CULT 210, or CULT 215
    • 3 credits of CULT 230 or CULT 250
    • 3 credits of CULT 270 or CULT 275;
  • 70% average in 12 credits of CULT.

Third and Fourth Years

  • 21 credits of 300- and 400-level courses from the course lists provided for the major, with:

    • 3 credits from each of the following: 1) Media and Popular Cultures, 2) Global Cultural Studies, 3) Critical and Cultural Theory; and
    • 12 credits from courses designated as CULT.

Minor in Cultural Studies

To complete a Minor in Cultural Studies, students must complete the following:

  • CULT 100, 101;
  • 6 credits of 200-level CULT; and
  • at least 18 credits of 300- or 400-level courses applicable to the Major in Cultural Studies.

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