Elementary Teacher Education Program (ETEP) Degree Requirements

NOTE: The Bachelor of Education program will no longer offer entry to the BEd Elementary Teacher Education Program (ETEP) beginning with the 2017-2018 academic year. A renewed Bachelor of Education program is offered in 2017. The Elementary Teacher Education Program (ETEP) that began in 2016-2017 (as Year 1) will be offered in 2017-2018 for Year 2 degree requirements.

Timeframe to Complete ETEP

A student enrolled in ETEP must complete the final practicum within four years of beginning the program. If a student is unable to complete the final practicum within this timeframe, the student will be required to complete a professional learning plan, developed in consultation with the School Experience Coordinator, to demonstrate readiness for commencing practicum. This professional learning plan may include additional and/or repeated coursework.

Program of Study for ETEP Five-Year Degree and Two-Year Post Degree

Year 1 - Winter Session Term 1 Credits
EDUC 405 Concept Studies Module I: The Culture of Education 8
EDUC 407 Content Studies Module I: Developing Instructional Strategies 8
EDUC 420 Context Studies Module I: Learning Communities, The Attributes of Professional Practice 2
Year 1 - Winter Session Term 2
EDUC 410 Concept Studies Module II: The Culture of the School 4
EDUC 411 Content Studies Module II: Designing Learning Experiences 6
EDUC 421 Context Studies Module II: Learning Communities, Professional Practice in the School Community 5
INDG 405 Indigenous Education: History and Revitalization 3
Year 2 - Winter Session Term 1
EDUC 415 Concept Studies Module III: The Culture of the Classroom 7
EDUC 417 Content Studies Module III: Integrating, Assessing, and Reporting 8
EDUC 424 Context Studies Module III: Learning Communities: Professional Practice in the Classroom 2
Year 2 - Winter Session Term 2
EDUC 430 Guided Reflective Inquiry Project (four weeks) 4
EDUC 425 Context Studies IV: Learning Communities, Becoming a Practicing Professional 10
Total 67

Completion of the ETEP meets the requirements for the UBC Okanagan campus B.Ed. degree and the requirements of the Ministry of Education Teacher Regulation Branch for a Professional Teaching Certificate.

For more information about the ETEP Program, please refer to the Okanagan School of Education website

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