Bachelor of Education Registration

Applicants will be notified about registration procedures upon acceptance to the program.

B.Ed. students will not be permitted to register after the first day of instruction in the term, nor will they be admitted to any class after its first session, except by permission of the Dean.

The first year in the Bachelor of Education program will begin in mid-August/early-September with a required Introduction.

Criminal Record Check

Applicants to the Okanagan School of Education Bachelor of Education program are advised that a criminal record check is required to teach in BC schools. It is the responsibility of the Okanagan School of Education to ensure that every B.Ed. student undergoes a criminal record check prior to participating in a practicum or commencing school visits.

Applicants will receive a criminal record check consent form and instructions for completion in the admission package that is sent to all B.Ed. students upon acceptance to the program.

B.Ed. students are required to provide notification and authorization for a further criminal record check should the B.Ed. student be charged with, or convicted of, a relevant criminal offence subsequent to their last CRRA check.

Failure to comply with the Okanagan School of Education’s criminal record check policies or failure of the criminal record check will result in the B.Ed. student being withdrawn from the Bachelor of Education program.

For more information, see CRRA and University Counsel’s FAQs.

Accident Insurance

After admission to the program, B.Ed. students performing coursework in schools and in the community are required to have additional accident insurance coverage prior to starting the program. Information about purchasing UBC Accident Insurance will be provided in the admission package. Additional information about student safety on practicum is available through Risk Management Services.

Page last updated: June 9, 2022

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