Bachelor of Education Teacher Certification

The Teacher Certification Branch (TCB)

Legislation requires that every person appointed or retained as a teacher in a public school shall be a member of the Teacher Certification Branch (TCB) and hold a valid certificate of qualification issued by the TCB. It is the responsibility of the teacher to apply to the registrar of the TCB for initial certification, or for a change in certification, and to provide all necessary documents. Persons convicted of a criminal offence and considering a teaching career should write to the TCB for clarification of their status before undertaking a teacher education program.

The Teacher Qualification Service (TQS)

Salary categories for teachers are established by the Teacher Qualification Service (TQS) upon application, and only when a British Columbia teaching certificate has already been granted by the TCB. Categories are assigned on the basis of completed years of academic and professional preparation. Partial years are not considered.

Procedures and Documentation

The procedures for application to both the TCB and the TQS will be outlined to B.Ed. students before completion of the Bachelor of Education program.

Please refer to the Okanagan School of Education website for more information on procedure for applying for UBCO graduation, TCB teacher certification, and TQS salary category.


For the purpose of determining eligibility for a teaching certificate, successful completion of the Bachelor of Education program requires a Pass grade in each course that is applicable to the program. B.Ed. students who do not obtain a grade of Pass will not be reported as eligible for certification, and normally will be required to withdraw from the program.

Recertifying, Updating or Transitioning Teaching Qualifications

B.Ed. students who are required by the TCB to complete courses for recertification purposes, or who wish to complete courses in order to be considered for employment opportunities by updating or transitioning their qualifications, should consult with an Education Academic Advisor to explore professional learning options.

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