Admission Requirements

Master of Science (M.Sc.)

The M.Sc. program is governed by the regulations of the College of Graduate Studies, including its standards for admission of students.

Applicants to the M.Sc. program will normally have an honours or a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Applicants in a related field that fits within the program are also welcome to apply. For example, applicants with interest in Optimization and Theoretical Computer Science may have a degree in Mathematics and interest in the theory and practice of computing while applicants interested in data science may have a degree in Statistics and computational skills.

Applicants from a university outside Canada at which English is not the primary language of instruction, please see the English Language Proficiency Requirement for the minimum English language proficiency test scores required.

While applications to the thesis- and project-based option with no identified supervisor will be accepted, no applicant will be admitted to the thesis- or project-based options until a supervisor has agreed to supervise the student’s thesis or project; thus, applicants who wish to pursue a thesis or project option are strongly urged to identify and contact a potential supervisor prior to applying.

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