Awards and Scholarships

The University offers a wide range of programs to recognize students with high academic achievement and to provide financial assistance to those who cannot meet basic education costs.

Financial support for graduate students usually comes from the following sources:

  • Merit-based awards, scholarships, and fellowships
  • External funding agencies;
  • UBC Okanagan teaching and research assistantships, administered by individual faculties and programs; and
  • Need-based awards and financial assistance, including loans, bursaries, work/study programs, and emergency assistance, administered by UBC Okanagan Student Services.

Award recipients are required to accept and adhere to several funding terms and conditions that are specific to each award. For internal awards administered by the College of Graduate Studies, conditions include:

  • Registration: Award payments will only be made to students who are registered as full-time graduate students at UBC's Okanagan campus. Award holders are required to maintain registration for the duration of their award funding period.
  • Completion of Program: If an award holder completes the requirements of their program prior to receiving the full payment of their award, they should refer to the Terms of Reference of the specific award for payment details.
  • Withdrawal from Program: If an award holder withdraws from their program, the funding received during the term in which the withdrawal is requested will be recovered by the College of Graduate Studies. If the student was nominated for their award by their graduate program, the funding will be returned to the nominating program.
  • Leave from Program: Students granted a Leave of Absence will have their award suspended at the start of their leave. Reinstatement is based upon the Terms of Reference for each specific award.
  • For complete terms and conditions, visit Scholarships and Awards.

For external awards, please see the award-holders guide specific to each agency.

All award holders are expected to devote full-time hours to the research or studies for which they were funded and are required to make satisfactory academic progress throughout their funding period.

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