Program Requirements

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Master of Science (M.Sc.)

The M.Sc. program requires completion of a minimum of 30 credits including:

  • EESC 502 - Environmetrics (3 credits) or EESC 512 - Applied Data Analysis in Geosciences (3 credits) or EESC 544 - Dynamic Modelling of Human and Environmental Systems (3 credits) or equivalent advanced quantitative skills course appropriate to the student's disciplinary requirements, as approved by the supervisory committee and the department's Graduate Program Committee;
  • EESC 550 - Research Seminar in Earth and Environmental Sciences (3 credits);
  • 6 credits derived from: EESC 551 - Special Topics in Earth and Environmental Sciences (1-6 credits) and/or EESC 552 - Directed Readings in Earth and Environmental Sciences (1-6 credits); and
  • EESC 599 - M.Sc. Thesis (18 credits).

Additional coursework may be required at the discretion of the supervisory committee.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

The Ph.D. program requires successful completion of: a comprehensive examination, a research proposal, and a research dissertation (EESC 699). If equivalent courses to those required for the M.Sc. have not been completed in earlier degree work, these will be required for completion of the Ph.D. program. At the discretion of the supervisory committee, students may be required to complete additional coursework to develop their expertise in Earth and environmental sciences and to facilitate completion of their research program. The exact number of courses will depend upon the background of the student entering the program, and the nature of his or her research project. The program structure is flexible, and will be adapted to the needs of individual students.

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