Course Offerings


Core courses are required for all M.Ed. and M.A. students.

Core Courses Credits
CUST 562 Curriculum Issues and Theories 3
EDUC 500 Research Methodology in Education Part 1 3
EDUC 521 Readings and Discourse in Education 3

To be recommended for the M.Ed./M.A. degrees, students must complete 15 credits (M.A.) or 18 credits (M.Ed.) from the Okanagan School of Education’s course offerings (3 credits can be taken from a Faculty/Department other than the Okanagan School of Education with approval from the Director of Graduate Programs (see below). Course selection is done in consultation with a student’s supervisor.

Studies in Diversity Credits
EDUC 524 Language Teaching and Learning 3
EDUC 526 Education and Diversity 3
EDUC 527 Global Education, Citizenship, and Cross-Cultural Conceptions of Teaching and Learning 3
EDUC 528 Theory and Practice in Inclusive Education 3
EPSE 565 Special Topics in Inclusive Education 3/6d
Studies in Educational Leadership and Policy
EADM 554 Policy and Education 3
EADM 556 Conceptualizing Leadership 3
EADM 557 Leadership for Inclusion and Social Justice 3
EADM 558 Leadership for Sustainability 3
EADM 582 Leadership for Change: Systems, Innovation, and Reform 3
Studies in Digital Learning
ETEC 511 Conceptualizing Educational Technology 3
ETEC 550 Designing Instruction 3
ETEC 553 Leading and Managing Educational Technology Innovation 3
ETEC 557 Instructional Strategies for Digital Learning 3
ETEC 559 Creating ICT-Enhanced Learning Environments 3
Studies in Curriculum
CUST 563 Conceptualizing Curriculum Studies: Theory and Research 3
CUST 564 Curriculum for Sustainability 3
CUST 565 Curriculum Studies in Diverse Settings 3
EDST 592 Conceptions of Teaching and Learning 3/6 d

Note: A maximum of 6 credits for M.Ed. and 3 credits for M.A. can be taken at the 400-level with approval from the Director of Graduate Programs in the Okanagan School of Education.

Additional Course Offerings Credits
EADM 555 Educational Finance 3
EDST 588 Environmental Philosophy and Environmental Education 3
EDUC 501 Research Methodology in Education Part II 3
EDUC 517 Contemporary Issues in Education 3/6d
EDUC 523 Assessment for Learning 3
EDUC 529 Building Communities: Education Beyond the Classroom 3
EDUC 530 Educating for Humanity: Citizenship through Service Learning 3
EDUC 560 Directed Studies in Education 3
EDUC 562 Special Topics in Education 3
ETEC 556 Educational Technology and Converging Media 3


Students prepare only one depending on degree route (see Program Requirements)

Project / Thesis Credits
EDUC 598 M.Ed. Senior Seminar with Project 3
EDUC 599 M.A. Senior Seminar with Thesis 6

Note: not all courses are offered every year. Students should contact the Okanagan School of Education for current graduate courses.

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