Admission Requirements

Admission Procedures

Please refer to the College of Graduate Studies for application and admission deadlines.

Applications received before the deadline will be considered for admission on a competitive basis. Applications received after the deadline will be considered if resources permit. Application procedures may be found at the College of Graduate Studies.

Applicants will not be considered for admission until commitment is obtained from a supervisor. Final applications for the IGS program must include the name of the proposed supervisor, the proposed supervisor’s department or unit, and a proposal indicating the study and research to be done with that proposed supervisor.

The supporting supervisor must provide written confirmation of support for the program of study and research, the availability of facilities required to conduct the research, and the level of funding from research grants and contracts that will be made available for the support of the applicant.

Admission Criteria

Admission to this program is competitive and limited. Students who meet the minimum admission requirements may not be accepted to the program.

Students will be admitted on the basis of the:

  • student's record of academic and professional achievements;
  • letters of recommendation;
  • quality and feasibility of the proposed study and research proposal;
  • supervisor's ability to support the program of study
  • and; availability of financial and operational support.

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