Academic Accommodation Process

The College of Graduate Studies (CoGs) recognizes the moral and legal duty of the University to provide academic accommodation to students with disabilities by removing barriers, providing opportunities, and welcoming them as participating members of the university community. CoGs adheres to the UBCO Board of Governors Policy LR7, Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities. This policy provides for students to receive reasonable academic accommodations while maintaining the academic standards of the university. Academic accommodations cannot remove the need for evaluation or the need for students to meet essential learning outcomes.

Graduate students seeking academic accommodations should consult Policy LR7 and meet with the staff at the Disability Resource Centre (DRC). The DRC is responsible for assessing the disability related needs of students and recommending appropriate academic accommodations. This process applies for graduate students who require an accommodation in a specific course, during any part of a Master’s examination, doctoral comprehensive examination, or the oral defence component of completing a research proposal, thesis, or dissertation.

Policy LR7 stipulates that a request for accommodations be brought to the attention of appropriate personnel in a timely manner. In the case of accommodations for a specific class, the policy makes clear that students need to give their accommodation letter to the instructor during the first two weeks of class; this policy holds for graduate students. For any component of Master’s examinations and doctoral comprehensive examinations, CoGS similarly requires notice of an accommodation request at least two weeks in advance of that component of the examination taking place. The process of scheduling the oral defence of a thesis or dissertation begins when a student submits their final draft to CoGS. CoGS requires that students seeking academic accommodation for oral defences submit their letter of request at the same time that they submit their final thesis or dissertation draft. Because administration of these examinations is time sensitive, there must be allowance for all parties to adequately prepare for an appropriate accommodation as recommended by the DRC.

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