Master's Student

Full-Time Classification

Students classified as full-time are expected to engage in their studies on a full-time basis. Master's students are normally considered full-time students and are assessed fees according to Schedule A of the master's full-time fees schedule. Full-time students are eligible for graduate scholarships and fellowships. Normally, teaching assistantships (TAs) and research assistantships (RAs) are limited to full-time students.

Graduate programs may articulate specific limitations regarding concurrent paid employment as consistent with the definition of full-time study. Recipients of TAs must adhere to the TA union's regulations governing number of hours worked while holding a TA.

Part-Time Classification

In some programs, master's students have the option of pursuing their degree through part-time study. The expected academic workload of students classified as part-time is determined by the graduate program. Students classified as part-time are assessed tuition fees according to Schedule B of the master's part-time fees schedule.

Students who wish to be classified as part-time must obtain approval from their graduate program coordinator and the College of Graduate Studies prior to the beginning of the first term of the program (i.e., prior to the commencement of the degree program) in which fees are first assessed.

Students classified as part-time are advised that:

  • they are not eligible to receive interest-free status government loans, University fellowships, or scholarships;
  • they are not eligible for TAs, RAs, student housing, or assigned desk space at the University; and
  • the five-year maximum time allowed for the master's program also applies to part-time students.

Students who pay tuition fees according to Schedule B are not permitted to revert back to Schedule A after the initial payment of the tuition fees in the first term of the program.

Master's Students in Education (M.Ed. or M.A.)

Students pursuing a Master's degree in Education (M.Ed. or M.A.) are normally part-time students and pay specialized master's degree tuition fees according to Schedule B (see Specialized Master's Degree Programs). Students in this program are not eligible for graduate scholarships or fellowships.

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