Qualifying Student

A student whose academic background entitles him or her to serious consideration for admission to graduate studies but who is considered to be inadequately prepared to enter a graduate program in the specific discipline (e.g., three-year degree holders from other Canadian universities, a student changing from one field of study to another, or a student upgrading his or her academic standing) may be admitted as a qualifying student. Qualifying students are not considered graduate students.

If, at the end of a qualifying term or year, the graduate program and the College of Graduate Studies are satisfied with the calibre of the student's work, the student may apply for admission to a graduate degree program.

Courses taken during a qualifying year or term that are necessary in order to meet the requirements for full admission to Graduate Studies cannot be transferred to a subsequent graduate program. However, other courses may be transferred upon the recommendation of the department and with the approval of the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies.

Qualifying student status is available only to applicants who do not require a study permit to enter Canada.

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