Academic Regulations for students entering the program as first years in 2017/2018 or later; as second years in 2018/2019 or later; or as third years in 2019/2020 or later

In addition to the general policies and regulations set out in Policies and Regulations, the academic regulations outlined in this section apply to the Faculty of Management.


Regular attendance is expected of students in all their lectures, laboratories, tutorials, and seminars. Students who neglect their academic work and assignments in a course may be excluded from its final examination. Students who are unavoidably absent from scheduled classes because of illness or disability should report to their instructors immediately on their return. Students whose attendance or academic performance is severely affected by medical, emotional, or other problems should apply for special consideration from the office of their Dean or Director (see Academic Concession, below and at Academic Concession).

Change of Registration

In the Winter Session, students can drop one-term courses within two weeks of their commencement and two-term courses within three weeks of commencement. All record of registration in the course(s) will be removed from students' transcripts. Thereafter, students may withdraw from a one-term course up to the end of the sixth week of classes, and from a two-term course up to the end of the twelfth week of classes. Courses dropped during this latter period will be indicated by a W on the student's transcript. Students can withdraw from courses using the Student Service Centre. After these dates, students are not normally permitted to withdraw from courses but can apply for academic concession (see below).

Students who cease to attend or otherwise fail to complete exams, assignments, or other course requirements will receive a grade reflecting requirements completed in the course. (See also and Course Drop/Withdrawal Dates.)

Academic Concession

Please refer to the university policy on Academic Concession.

Transfer Credit

Students admitted to the B.Mgt. from a recognized post-secondary institution will have their courses assessed for appropriate transfer credit at the time of admission. For information on transferable courses completed at recognized colleges in British Columbia and in the Yukon, students should refer to the British Columbia Transfer Guide. Courses completed at accredited universities and university colleges will be assessed for transfer credit on a course-by-course basis.

Letter of Permission

Students currently registered in the B.Mgt. may not take courses for credit at another institution without specific written permission. Students who wish to interrupt their UBC studies and take courses at another institution for credit toward their degree must obtain, in advance, a letter of permission from the Faculty. The Faculty has no obligation to grant transfer credit unless a letter of permission has been obtained. Students will not normally be permitted to complete the B.Mgt. English requirement at another institution (see also Attendance).

Failed Courses

A student may repeat a failed course only once. Please refer to Advancement Regulations for the official UBC Okanagan policy on repeating failed courses.

Dean's Honour Roll

Student transcripts will receive the notation "Dean's Honour Roll" if an overall average of 80% or better is achieved in a program of 27 credits or more in any Winter Session. Exceptions are made for Co-op or Exchange students, who require at least 15 credits in a non-Co-op or non-Exchange term for this calculation. To qualify, students must pass all courses. Only courses taken at UBC will be used in this calculation.

Degree with Honours

The words "With Honours" will be placed on the transcript of record and the degree certificate of students graduating with the B.Mgt. where the average is 80% or better in all upper-level Management courses. As well, students must be enrolled in a 27-credit course load in at least one of the two final years. Exceptions are made for Co-op or Exchange students, who require at least 15 credits in a non-Co-op or non-Exchange term for this calculation. To qualify, students must pass all courses. Only courses taken at UBC will be used in this calculation.

Program Approval

Students are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of registration as it relates to the regulations of the program in which they are enrolled. Any variation from a full load must be approved by the Dean of the Faculty of Management.

Academic Probation

Academic Probation will be assigned at the end of the Winter Session (April) based on performance in that session (Sept-April) and will consider all courses taken in the session. A student will be placed on Academic Probation, while not falling under the provisions for Failed Standing below, if the student:

  • earned a sessional cumulative average of 50% to less than 60%; or
  • passed less than 60% of the credits

A student placed on Academic Probation at the end of the Winter Session will normally be allowed to register in a maximum of 9 credits per term in the following Winter Session. This credit restriction may be waived at the discretion of the Faculty. Upon request by the student to the Faculty, the Academic Probation credit restriction might be restored if, in the next Winter Session, each Term 1 course grade is 60% or higher.

The credit restriction will only be enforced if the student is notified before the subsequent Winter Session begins.

Failed Standing

Failed Standing will be assigned at the end of the Winter Session (April) based on performance in that session (Sept-April). The evaluation will consider all courses taken in the session. Failed standing will be assigned to a student who has:

  • a sessional cumulative average of less than 50%.

A student placed on Failed Standing for the first time will normally be required to discontinue studies in the Faculty for a period of one academic year (12 months) prior to applying for readmission. Affected students will be issued a letter from the Faculty outlining a decision and next steps. It is recommended that students who consider applying for readmission the following year complete further study at another recognized post-secondary institution during the year away. Students are strongly advised to consult the Faculty prior to further academic study.

Students who are readmitted after being required to discontinue study in the Faculty following a failed year will receive credit toward the B.Mgt. only for those university transferable courses in that year away in which they obtained a grade of at least 60%.

A student who already has a Failed Standing on their academic record will be required to withdraw from the University and may only be readmitted under the Advancement Regulations. Readmission to the Faculty of Management after a second failed year is normally not granted.

Courses taken in the Summer Session are not taken into consideration for assigning Failed Standing.

Advancement Requirements

Promotion to Second Year

Successful completion of 24 or more credits (with exception of the Vantage College Management Stream, see below).

Promotion to Second Year for Vantage College Management Stream

To earn a promotion from first to second year, students must have completed the full Year 1 program with a minimum of 36 credits. A minimum average grade of 60% in the Vantage College Management Stream Year 1 courses is required. A minimum grade of 60% in WORDS 150 is also required.

Note: Vantage College Management Stream students must register in MATH 100 or 116 and STAT 121 or 124 as co-requisites for Year 2 Term 1.

Promotion to Third Year

Successful completion of 48 or more credits.

Promotion to Fourth Year

Successful completion of 78 or more credits.

Note: MGMT 490 is required for degree completion. Registration for this course requires fourth year standing.

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