Dual Degree Program Option: Bachelor of Management and Master of Management

This dual degree program option offers qualified students the opportunity to earn, in one program of study, an undergraduate B.Mgmt, degree and a Master of Management degree from the Faculty of Management. This dual degree program option can be completed in four and one half years through intensive study and scheduling that includes one summer of study following the completion of their undergraduate program requirements. During the period of undergraduate study, admitted students are required to complete at least two intensive, week-long workshops. The workshops are offered over summer terms, are self-contained, and can be completed in any order. Workshops will focus on personal development, and enable critical thinking on equity, inclusion, diversity, enculturation, emotional intelligence, social interaction, metacognition, research, inquiry, sensibility, sustainability, well-being, communication, and presentation. These workshops will emphasize social and economic issues in ways that link theory and practice.

Additional fees are required for the dual degree program option. Further information is available in the Faculty of Management section of the Academic Calendar.

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