Dean's Office
Roger Sugden, Dean
Keith Culver, Associate Dean for Regional Innovation Practice
Faculty of Management
1137 Alumni Avenue
EME Building, 4145
The University of British Columbia
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Tel: 250.807.9462

The Faculty of Management offers community-engaged research and teaching of management knowledge that empowers diverse people to manage and lead economic and social activity through varied organizations in internationally connected, rapidly-changing and fast-developing regions – including non-metropolitan regions.

Students learn to navigate today’s rapidly changing world through intensive collaboration and group work, critical thinking and an appreciation for shared solutions. Learning is enriched with practical challenges in competitions, engagement with local communities and organizations, and experiential learning opportunities. In addition to acquiring core management skills, students are also challenged to develop leadership skills and value community and service.

The Faculty offers a four-year undergraduate program leading to the Bachelor of Management degree. The degree program offers a variety of foundational and advanced courses that cover accounting, entrepreneurial technology, finance, human resources, marketing, sustainability and operations/supply chain management. Experiential learning opportunities prepare graduates for a variety of careers in organizations across a broad range of sectors, from public institutions, non-profit agencies and large corporations, to entrepreneurial start-ups and NGOs.

The Faculty also offers a 25-month, part-time Master of Management degree for working professionals. Regionally focused and globally connected, the Master of Management degree program engages with issues directly relevant to students’ work, organizations and regions. Exploring new and nimble ways of leading and managing in a rapidly changing globalized world, the cohort forms a community of leaders and learners. Students expand their abilities to learn and see new opportunities for organizations through an increased understanding of regional and global transformation.

The Faculty offers a unique program of study that will graduate students with the knowledge base, practical skills, and world view needed to seize opportunities, both locally and globally. Graduates leave knowing not only how to read a balance sheet, but how to place that information within the appropriate social, political, environmental, and economic contexts, allowing them to make effective management-level decisions and to solve complex challenges.

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