Academic Regulations

In addition to the general policies and regulations set out in Policies and Regulations, the academic regulations outlined in this section apply to the Faculty of Management.


Regular attendance is expected of students in all their lectures, laboratories, tutorials, and seminars. Students who neglect their academic work and assignments in a course may be excluded from its final examination. Students who are unavoidably absent from scheduled classes because of illness or disability should report to their instructors immediately on their return. Students whose attendance or academic performance is severely affected by medical, emotional, or other problems should apply for special consideration from the office of their Dean or Director (see Academic Concession, below and at Academic Concession).

Change of Registration

In the Winter Session, students can drop one-term courses within two weeks of their commencement and two-term courses within three weeks of commencement. All record of registration in the course(s) will be removed from students' transcripts. Thereafter, students may withdraw from a one-term course up to the end of the sixth week of classes, and from a two-term course up to the end of the twelfth week of classes. Courses dropped during this latter period will be indicated by a W on the student's transcript. Students can withdraw from courses using the Student Service Centre. After these dates, students are not normally permitted to withdraw from courses but can apply for academic concession (see below).

Students who cease to attend or otherwise fail to complete exams, assignments, or other course requirements will receive a grade reflecting requirements completed in the course. (See also Change of Registration and Course Drop/Withdrawal Dates.)

Academic Concession

Students whose attendance or academic performance is severely affected by medical, emotional, or other problems should apply for special consideration from the instructor or the office of their Dean or Director as soon as possible.

Students are advised to contact the instructor if they are unable to complete tests or other graded work because of short-term illness or other reasons, and arrange to make up for missed work according to written guidelines given to them at the start of the course (see Grading Practices). Students also have the right to request academic concession from their Dean or Director.

Students absent from final examinations held in the official examination period must request academic concession from the office of their Dean or Director. Absence from final examinations held in the official examination periods in any term must be reported as soon as possible after the missed examination.

Students requesting academic concession will be required to complete an application form and provide supporting documentation as requested. In some cases it will be necessary for the student to attend an interview. Academic concessions are granted only by the office of their Dean or Director and are a privilege, not a right. Among academic concessions that may be granted are: permission to drop or withdraw from a course after the normal deadlines are passed (see also Change of Registration); the granting of Deferred Standing or Aegrotat Standing; and withdrawal from the University.

Deferred standing may be granted when a student has a valid reason for not completing course requirements as scheduled. See Deferred Standing for further definition.

Students with deferred standing credits should reduce the maximum load in the session immediately following (Summer or Winter) by the equivalent number of credits. For example, if a student has 3 credits deferred from the Winter Session until August, that student should not enrol in more than 9 credits in the following Summer Session, although the permitted maximum is 12. Should a student require an extension of a deferred standing, he or she may be blocked or deregistered from the equivalent number of credits during the extension period.

Aegrotat (AEG) Standing allows a student credit for a course, although the student has not completed course requirements due to medical, emotional, or other difficulties. This standing is awarded only if the course instructor and the Dean (or designate) agree that the student has demonstrated the ability to deal with the course material satisfactorily. When AEG standing is awarded, a letter grade is assigned; this will be converted to the minimum percentage for that category for the calculation of averages.

Transfer Credit

Students admitted to the B.Mgt. from a recognized post-secondary institution will have their courses assessed for appropriate transfer credit at the time of admission. For information on transferable courses completed at recognized colleges in British Columbia and in the Yukon, students should refer to the British Columbia Transfer Guide. Courses completed at accredited universities and university colleges will be assessed for transfer credit on a course-by-course basis.

Students currently registered in the B.Mgt. may not take courses for credit at another institution without specific written permission. Students who wish to interrupt their UBC studies and take courses at another institution for credit toward their degree must obtain, in advance, a letter of permission from the office of Academic Advising Services. The Faculty has no obligation to grant transfer credit unless a letter of permission has been obtained. Students will not normally be permitted to complete the B.Mgt. English requirement at another institution (see also Attendance).

Failed Courses

A student may repeat a failed course only once. Please refer to Advancement Regulations for the official UBC Okanagan policy on repeating failed courses.

Letter of Permission

See Letter of Permission to Study at Another Institution.

Degree Completion

Students must complete their degree requirements within six years of their original admission into the Faculty of Management.

Dean's Honour Roll

Student transcripts will receive the notation "Dean's Honour Roll" if an overall average of 80% or better is achieved in a program of 27 credits or more in any Winter Session. To qualify, students must pass all courses.

Degree with Honours

The words "With Honours" will be placed on the transcript of record and the degree certificate of students graduating with the B.Mgt. where the average is 80% or better in all upper-level Management courses. As well, students must be enrolled in a 27-credit course load in at least one of the two final years.

Program Approval

Students are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of registration as it relates to the regulations of the program in which they are enrolled. Any variation from a full load must be approved by the Dean of the Faculty of Management.

Unsatisfactory Performance

Students whose performance in the Faculty of Management is unsatisfactory will be required to discontinue study in the Faculty for at least one year. Students who have failed to meet the promotion requirements of the University will be considered to have failed the year and will be required to discontinue study in the University for at least one year.

Student performance is unsatisfactory when the average taken in all courses in a Winter Session, including failed courses, is below 60%. Students will be required to discontinue study in the Faculty after second year if:

  • the grade in ENGL 112 is below 60%; or
  • the average in the required first-year Economics, English, Mathematics, Psychology, and Statistics courses is below 60%.

Students at any level of university study who are required for a second time to discontinue studies in the Faculty, whether in repeating a year or in a later year, will be required to withdraw from the University. Readmission to the Faculty of Management in such cases is normally not granted.

Students who fail the year or are required to discontinue study in the Faculty may apply for readmission only after 12 months.

Students who are readmitted after being required to discontinue study in the Faculty or after a failed year will receive credit toward the B.Mgt. only for those courses in that year in which they obtained a grade of at least 60%.

Students whose academic records, as determined by the tests and examinations of Term 1, are found to be unsatisfactory may be required to discontinue attendance in Management for the remainder of the session.

Advancement Requirements

The B.Mgt. is a full-time, four-year program. Students are expected to register in a full load of courses unless they have been granted advanced standing.

To earn promotion from first to second year, a student must have completed a minimum of 27 credits.

To earn a promotion from second to third year, a student must have completed 60 credits including the core courses of MGMT 100, MGMT 200, ECON 101, MATH 100 or 116, PSYC 111, STAT 121 or 124, and ENGL 112, with a minimum core average of 60%. A minimum grade of 60% in ENGL 112 is also required.

Requirements for promotion from third to fourth year have yet to be determined.

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