LPN Access Program - Degree Requirements

Beginning in September 2015, the School of Nursing will be phasing in a revised curriculum for the B.S.N. programs.

During the transitional years in which the new curriculum structure is being phased-in, the previous curriculum structure will be phased-out, year-by-year. Regardless of the year in which they entered the programs, graduates of the B.S.N. programs must meet the same exit requirements.
Students admitted to the Four-Year LPN Access Program in September 2015 must complete the degree requirements as described in this Academic Calendar in the Basic B.S.N. Degree Requirements section.

Please Note: Students who are admitted into the Three-Year LPN Access Program in September 2015, or transfer into any cohort of the LPN Access Program where the entry would have occurred in September 2015, must normally complete the degree requirements described for the Basic BSN program in the 2014 Academic Calendar.

However, all students who experience a disruption in their studies (ie. extended absences, medical leaves, withdrawals, failures) will not be able to complete the degree requirements and courses as described in the 2014 or earlier Academic Calendar as many courses will no longer be offered. Each student's circumstances will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Each student will require course advising with the Associate Director to review their credits and obtain a list of degree requirements. A combination of completed courses and new course offerings will be used to satisfy the degree requirements set out in this Academic Calendar. Every effort will be made to accommodate the student’s completion of the degree requirements within a reasonable duration of study.

Graduation Requirements

Students must achieve a minimum of 60% in a course to be able to apply the course to the B.S.N. Degree. A minimum cumulative grade average of 65% for all courses required in the B.S.N. Degree must be obtained in order to graduate.

Taking Non -UBC Courses While Registered in the B.S.N. Program

The program must ensure the professional competency of its B.S.N. graduates; therefore, practice courses and some theory courses must be completed at the UBC Okanagan campus. Students are advised to seek academic advising prior to registering in courses outside of UBC Okanagan that they wish to apply to their B.S.N. degree.

Students require a letter of permission from the School of Nursing to register in most other academic institutions. On completion of the course students are responsible for submitting an official transcript as well as a request form to have the credits assessed and applied to their degree.

Note: For further information please refer to the B.S.N. Program Procedure for Taking Non- UBC Courses While in the Nursing Program located on the School of Nursing website.

Residency Requirement

Students in the B.S.N. program are also subject to the Requirements to Receive a Degree or Diploma.

Degree Requirements for Four-Year LPN Access Program

Studies must normally be finished within seven years.

Year One  
Term I  
HINT 110 Applied Research in Health 3
One of ENGL 112 or 114, 113, 150, 151, 153 3
BIOL 131 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 3
Term II  
NRSG 120 Introduction to Nursing Research 3
NRSG 140 LPN Access to BSN 3
BIOL 133 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 3
Years 2, 3, 4  
Students then complete all second-, third-, and fourth-year Basic BSN program degree requirements.

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