School of Social Work Policies

Field Education Placement(s)

The School reserves the right to approve an agency or institution that provides placements for student practicums, and to change any placement assigned to a student. Students have the right to be informed in writing of the reasons for any change in placement. While the program accepts responsibility for providing a sufficient number of practicum opportunities to serve the needs of all registered students, a student may be required to withdraw from a practicum course if none of the available practicum agencies will accept that student. Practicum dates are established by the School and will be announced at the beginning of each term. Students are responsible for travel and other expenses related to the practicum.

Criminal Record Check

Either one or two community field education placement(s) are required to complete the course of study for all M.S.W. students. Field education requires students to complete a criminal record check. Therefore, a criminal records check is now a standard part of the School’s admission requirements.


Attendance at practicum activities and the integrative seminar is required. Students are expected to notify the placement agency whenever practicum appointments cannot be kept, and to inform the course instructor as well.

Applicants are advised that students engage actively in laboratory practice, acting both as patient/client and as social worker in simulated situations.

Unethical or Unprofessional Behaviour

It is the responsibility of the student to read the British Columbia Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics and, therefore, to understand the standards by which unethical and unprofessional behaviour will be judged in the program.

Students who are deemed to have violated ethical standards with evidence of unprofessional behaviour must be notified by the Director, who will then either inform the student of the conditions under which they may resume coursework and/or the field education, or recommend to the Dean termination from the program. Students will be informed in writing of the reason for the decision.

Personal Suitability for the Social Work Profession

Please see the policy on Personal Suitability for the Social Work Profession.


Students may be denied the field education placement if their preparatory work is considered unsatisfactory by the Director.

Required Withdrawal

Students may be required to withdraw from the field education placement with a failing grade if their performance in the placement or their field education preparation is considered unsatisfactory by the Director.

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