Co-operative Education Program

The Engineering Co-operative Education program is intended to provide motivated and qualified students with paid, faculty-monitored work experience that is directly related to their academic program.

The Engineering Co-op program is an optional, year-round program that normally requires completion of five work terms, including one Winter and one Fall placement. The program requires an additional year to complete the B.A.Sc. requirements.

Faculty advisors or coordinators visit students at their places of work and provide advice on the technical reports that are a requirement of the program.

Students applying for the Engineering Co-op program must meet all requirements of the School and will be selected on the basis of academic performance, written and oral communication skills, and general suitability for the work environment.

Total enrolment is subject to the availability of appropriate work placements. Students who are accepted into the program will register in, and pay for, the appropriate 6-credit Co-operative Education course (see Program and Course Fees) for each work term, once a suitable position is confirmed.

To graduate from the Engineering Co-op program, students must satisfactorily complete the required number of work placements, in addition to the normal academic requirements.

Normally, students transferring from other institutions may be given credit for work terms completed at their former institution, if they meet the following requirements:

  • they have been accepted into the Engineering Co-op program;
  • the program in which the work term was undertaken is accredited;
  • the work term is officially recognized (i.e., noted on the transcript) by the institution where the work term originated; and
  • the work term was granted for experience in the same or similar discipline into which they are transferring.

Regardless of the number of work terms accepted, students will be required to complete at least 50% of the required work terms in the new program into which they are transferring. Acceptance into a co-op program at one institution does not guarantee acceptance into UBC's Engineering Co-op program. Application for transfer of work terms must be made to the director of Co-operative Education prior to undertaking any additional work terms at UBC.

For further information on the Engineering Co-op program, please visit UBC Engineering Co-op.

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