Minor in Computer Science

Application to the Minor in Computer Science is open to all students eligible for at least second-year standing in the Bachelor of Applied Science program. Admission will be competitive based on sessional average.

Enrolment in the program is limited. Applications for admission must be made through the Engineering Advising Office by May 31st.

Students might encounter difficulty fitting the courses for the Minor into their program timetable; careful planning is essential, and completion of the Minor program will likely require an additional term or terms beyond that required to complete the B.A.Sc. degree alone. To accommodate scheduling conflicts students are encouraged to consider taking COSC courses in the Summer Session.

The minor consists of 30 credits: 12 lower-level and 18 upper-level COSC credits, together with any necessary prerequisites.

  • The 12 lower level credits will consist of the following foundation courses: COSC 111, COSC 121, and two other COSC courses of the student’s choosing.
  • No more than six COSC upper-level credits may be counted toward the technical elective requirements for the B.A.Sc.

Course planning as early as first year may be advisable in order to complete the Minor in a timely fashion.

Entry into and continuation in the Minor requires that the student remains in Good Standing. Upon successful completion of the Minor program, the notation “Minor in Computer Science” will be added on the student’s transcript.

Note: Space in many courses is limited. Admission to a computer science minor does not guarantee access to courses agreed upon for the minor.

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