Civil Engineering

In the third year and fourth years, students will follow a program in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering.

  Third Year Civil Engineering Credits
ENGR 303 Engineering Project Management 3
ENGR 305 Engineering Economic Analysis 3
ENGR 325 Civil Engineering Materials 3
ENGR 327 Reinforced Concrete Design I 3
ENGR 330 Optimization and Decision Analysis for Civil Engineering 3
ENGR 331 Infrastructure Management I 3
ENGR 332 Surveying and GIS Analysis 3
ENGR 335 Transportation Engineering 3
ENGR 340 Soil Mechanics 3
ENGR 341 Engineering Hydrology 3
ENGR 342 Open Channel Flow 3
ENGR 347 Environmental Engineering 3
Total Credits 36

  Fourth Year Civil Engineering Credits
ENGR 413 Law and Ethics for Engineers 3
ENGR 440 Foundation Engineering 3
ENGR 447 Design of Processes for Water and Wastewater Treatment 3
ENGR 499 Engineering Capstone Design Project 6
Design Electives1 9
Technical Electives2 12
Total Credits 36
1 To be chosen from a list of Civil Engineering design elective courses provided by the School of Engineering.
2 To be chosen from a list of technical elective courses provided by the School of Engineering. Up to two third- or fourth-year courses offered outside the School of Engineering may qualify as technical electives with permission from Civil Program Chair.

Resilient Infrastructure Management Option

Available to Civil students, the Resilient Infrastructure Management Option (RIM) will equip engineering students with the state-of-the-art skills, theories, and design methodologies they need to work in different capacities with municipalities, consultants and governments.

Application to the RIM Option is open to students in year 3 and above in the Bachelor of Applied Science program specializing in Civil Engineering.

Applications for admission must be made through the Engineering Advising Office by May 31st. Enrolment in this option is limited so admission is competitive based on GPA.

The RIM Option under Civil Engineering requires the following courses:

  • Required 4th year courses (as listed above) and Elective requirements:
    • ENGR 424 Smart Cities
    • ENGR 432 Infrastructure Management II
    • 6 credits of Design Electives and 3 credits of Technical Electives from a list of RIM Elective choices.

Note that it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the electives chosen meet the program requirements for design and technical elective graduation requirements.

The option consists of a typical third year, followed by a set of prescribed fourth year courses.

Entry into and continuation in the Option requires that the student remains in Good Standing. Upon successful completion of the option, the notation “Resilient Infrastructure Management Option” will be added on the student’s transcript.

Electives to be chosen from a list of approved RIM Option courses provided by the School of Engineering.

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