Program Overview

The Faculty of Science offers the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in several Major programs and the General Science program. Although some students take longer, the B.Sc. degree can be earned in four years (eight four-month academic terms) of full-time study. To earn a B.Sc. degree, students must complete one of the following two programs listed below.

B.Sc. Major Program

The Faculty of Science currently offers Major programs in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Biology; Chemistry; Computer Science1; Earth and Environmental Sciences; Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology.; Economics2; Environmental Chemistry; Freshwater Science; Mathematical Sciences; Mathematics3; Microbiology; Physics and Astronomy; Psychology4; Statistics; and, Zoology. Completion of a Major program prepares students for career-entry positions, graduate study, or admission to post-baccalaureate professional programs. Students entering a Major program should note the courses listed in years one, two, three, and four as indicated under each discipline.

1Computer Science is also offered as a B.A. program. 2Economics is also offered as a B.A. program. 3Mathematics is also offered as a B.A. program. 4Psychology is also offered as a B.A. program.

B.Sc. General Science Program

This program provides a comprehensive education in science with the opportunity for some specialization in two or three of the following eight areas: Biochemistry and Molecular Biolgoy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Sciences (including certain courses in Geography), Economics1, Mathematical Sciences (including courses in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, and Data Science), Physics (including courses in Astronomy) and Psychology.

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