Canadian Aboriginal Applicants

The University of British Columbia is dedicated to making its vast resources more accessible to Aboriginal people, and to improving its ability to meet their educational needs. The University recognizes that Aboriginal students make valuable contributions to its learning environment and therefore invites inquiries and applications from Aboriginal candidates to its many and diverse fields of study.

The UBC Okanagan campus may consider applicants who do not meet the current competitive admission cut-off set by the individual faculties and schools, but who meet the UBC Okanagan campus academic minimum of 67% for direct-entry degree programs or a grade point average of 2.0 (calculated on a 4.0-point scale) for applicants applying from a recognized post-secondary institution. Applicants must also satisfy program prerequisites set by the individual faculties and schools.

The UBC Okanagan campus will admit Aboriginal students to direct-entry degree programs who have completed 18 university-level credits with a minimum 60% in each course and a 60% or C average overall. 12 credits of this coursework must be from UBC Okanagan campus courses, of which 3 credits must be from either ENGL 112 or ENGL 114. Students must also satisfy program prerequisites and admission requirements set by the individual faculties and schools.

To be considered under this admission category, applicants must self-identify as an Aboriginal applicant on their application for admission to UBC. Applicants will be considered on an individual basis by the applicable faculty or school in consultation with a representative of the UBC Okanagan campus' Aboriginal Programs and Services. Achievements that indicate an ability to succeed at university such as educational history, cultural knowledge, community participation, work experience, and educational goals will be considered.

For the purpose of application and admission to the UBC Okanagan campus, and in accordance with the Constitution Act, 1982, Part II, Section 35(2), being Schedule B to the Canada Act 1982 (U.K.), 1982, c. 11, an Aboriginal applicant is an Indian, Inuit, or Metis person of Canada.

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