Waiver of the English Language Admission Standard

You are reading the 2022/23 Academic Calendar. The 2021/22 version remains in effect until 31 August 2022 and is available here

Applicants who do not meet UBC’s English Language Admission Standard but who believe they have the proficiency of a native English speaker may request to have the requirement waived. A student should consider arranging to meet the requirement through regular means in the event that the student's request for a waiver of the requirement cannot be granted. To request a waiver, students should send to Admissions:

  • a brief letter or email explaining why they believe the requirement should be waived;
  • a letter of recommendation from the student's high school English teacher, guidance counsellor, principal, or headmaster, that attests that the student's level of English proficiency is close to or equal to that of a native speaker. The letter should provide information as to how the writer may be contacted (including an email address if possible);
  • an official transcript of grades, including the student's interim senior year or Grade 12 marks and predicted IB or AP grades (if not already sent); and
  • any additional evidence that may reflect the student's English competence such as achievement test scores (e.g., Scholastic Aptitude Test [SAT] scores).

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