Determining Admissibility

Academic criteria are the primary basis for determining admissibility to the UBC Okanagan campus; however, many programs consider non-academic information as well. See youbc Okanagan for further information on non-academic admission criteria.

Academic averages for the purpose of admission to the UBC Okanagan campus are primarily based on Grade 12 final or in-progress course grades available in the spring; however, an applicant’s full academic history may be considered, particularly where sufficient Grade 12 grade information is not yet available. Certain programs may require a competitive minimum grade in individual prerequisite courses used in the calculation of the admission average.

Applicants must arrange for their high school grades to be submitted to Undergraduate Admissions before the stated document deadline. The grade record must include all final grades to date and a list of courses in progress with interim grades where possible. All offers of admission are subject to satisfactory completion of secondary school graduation requirements, completion of all required courses, and maintenance of minimum university admission standards. Offers of admission may be withdrawn from students who do not satisfy these requirements.

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