Change of Degree Program

This section applies to students who are currently attending UBC and who wish to change to a different degree program at the same campus.

Current students who wish to change to a different campus, please see Change of Campus.

Students who have previously attended UBC and wish to return, please see Readmission.

To be eligible for a program change, currently attending UBC students must be In Good Standing. They must also meet the University minimum average of 60% or 2.0 grade point average (calculated on a 4.0 scale)1. Some programs require a higher minimum competitive admission average and completion of specific courses.

Students who have been assigned Failed standing and had been required to discontinue or withdraw from their faculty are not normally eligible to change degree programs, but applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Students are encouraged to contact Enrolment Services for more information.

Students who wish to change programs must complete the Change of Degree Program/Campus form on the Student Service Centre (under 'Registration') and pay a non-refundable application fee.

Normally students may transfer a maximum of 60 credits applicable to their new program.

1Academic evaluations are based on the average of the most recent courses attempted, including any failed or repeated courses, to a maximum of 30 credits unless otherwise prescribed by the program to which a student is applying. In cases where counting back 30 credits lands in the middle of an academic term, the average of that term will be used for the remaining credits required to reach the total of 30. Please see youbc Okanagan for more information.

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