Maximum Allowable Transfer Credit

In general, transfer credit is limited to the first two years of an undergraduate degree program, but credit at a more senior level is possible with the approval of the faculty concerned. No more than 60 credits of transfer credit, or 50% of required program credits, are allowed in any program, and in some programs the maximum may be less1.

Courses successfully completed at recognized colleges and universities in BC and the Yukon are granted transfer credit in accordance with agreed-upon equivalencies published in the BC Transfer Guide. Courses successfully completed at recognized colleges and universities outside BC are likewise granted credit on the basis of established equivalencies. Where no previously determined equivalent exists, courses will be assessed for transfer credit on a course-by-course basis. Students may be required to supply a course outline in order that an assessment can be made.

1 An exception to this is the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program – Okanagan College Nursing Transfer Access. For details, see their Program Requirements.

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