English Foundation Program

Undergraduate degree applicants who meet all admission requirements except the UBC Okanagan campus English Language Admission Standard may be eligible for the English Foundation Program.

Through the program, which is restricted to Bachelor of Applied Science, Arts, Fine Arts, Human Kinetics, Management, Media Studies or Science applicants, eligible students are offered conditional admission to their degree program and given an opportunity to improve their English language proficiency while completing courses that can be applied to their degree.

To qualify for the English Foundation Program, applicants must:

  1. Meet all general and applicable program-specific admission requirements, excluding the minimum standards of English Language Competence; and
  2. Present evidence of a minimum level of English language proficiency. See English Language Proficiency Tests and Programs for the minimum scores required to qualify.

Depending on English language competence, students in the English Foundation Program will be enrolled in either EAP 103 (3) English for Academic Purposes Level III or EAP 104 (3) English for Academic Purposes Level IV. To be enrolled in EAP 104, students must either meet the specified minimum entry scores for the course (see English Language Proficiency Tests and Programs) or complete EAP 103 with a minimum grade of 68%.

Students may also be eligible to enrol in up to two other 3-credit courses while completing the English Foundation Program. See English Foundation Program for a list of course options.

English Foundation Program students must satisfy the first-year English prerequisite to register in a first-year English course. As part of the English Foundation Program, students will be enrolled in ENGL 009 and with a passing grade in the course, will satisfy the first-year English prerequisite. See First-Year English for more information.

Once enrolled in the English Foundation Program, students cannot substitute results from other English language proficiency tests to gain full admission to their degree program.

Successful completion of the English Foundation Program requires achieving a minimum grade of 68% in EAP 104. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be granted full admission to their degree program.

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