In most faculties, individual courses are normally graded as follows:

Percentage (%)
90–100 A+
85–89 A
80–84 A-
76–79 B+
72–75 B
68–71 B-
64–67 C+
60–63 C
55–59 C-
50–54 D
0–49 F (fail)1
1 Except where otherwise stated in the course description and academic regulations, the School of Nursing defines Fail (F) as below 60%.

Instructors are responsible for providing written guidelines to all students at the start of each course, outlining how the final grade for the course will be calculated, and including any related policies such as arrangements that may be made for students who are unable to complete a test or other graded work because of short-term illness or for other reasons. Guidelines made available on the web meet this requirement (students who are unable to access the web should ask their instructor to provide these guidelines in an alternate format).

If a student in a baccalaureate program receives a Thesis in Progress (T) standing in a graduating essay or other course approved by the faculty and completes the course within 12 months of the end of the term in which the student first registered for the course, the T standing will be replaced by the grade assigned. If the course is not completed within 12 months, the T standing will be replaced by a grade of zero (or F standing in a Pass/Fail course).

Faculties, departments, and schools reserve the right to scale grades in order to maintain equity among sections and conformity to University, faculty, department, or school norms. Students should therefore note that an unofficial grade given by an instructor might be changed by the faculty, department, or school. Grades are not official until they appear on a student's academic record.

A few programs of study make provision for an Honours standing, which is explained in the appropriate faculty and school entries (see Faculties, Schools, and Colleges). However, in most faculties where Honours is used, it is applied to a study program where expectations in terms of achievement and level of study are higher than in other programs.

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