4. Investigation -- Dean's Office

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4.1 All incidents of suspected academic misconduct must be reported to the Dean's Office, with the exception of complaints arising through Enrolment Services and those no longer suspected following investigation by the querying instructor. Instructors will report under procedures established by the Dean's Office, or, where none exist, then directly to the Dean's Office. The Dean's Office may investigate further (which may include a review by the Dean's Office, the instructor, or others of the record and other work of the student) before dealing with the matter by:

  1. dismissing the allegation;
  2. giving the student a warning; or
  3. referring the matter to the President’s Committee for possible disciplinary measures by the President.

4.2 When an instructor suspects that a student has committed academic misconduct, the instructor normally will be the first to investigate the incident and should give the student the opportunity to meet to discuss the suspected academic misconduct. This meeting may not be required in all incidents of suspected academic misconduct.

Assignment of grades is a matter of academic merit and the instructor may re-evaluate the academic merit of the student's work at issue taking into consideration the results of any investigation under this section 4, in which case the instructor may:

  1. require the student to re-do work at issue or to do supplementary work;
  2. assign a grade of zero or a failing grade for the work; or
  3. assign a mark less harsh than failing for the work.

4.3 When a student admits having committed the suspected academic misconduct, the Dean's Office may investigate further before dealing with the matter. If the Dean's Office refers the incident to the President's Committee, the student will normally be given the opportunity to meet with the Dean’s Office to discuss and explain any extenuating circumstances of the academic misconduct.

4.4 When a student denies having committed the suspected academic misconduct, the Dean's Office will investigate further. In the course of the investigation, the student will normally be given the opportunity to meet with the Dean's Office to discuss the circumstances of suspected academic misconduct. If the investigation reveals academic misconduct by the student:

  1. in the original incident only, then the Dean’s Office may refer the matter to the President’s Committee; or
  2. in other incidences, then the Dean’s Office will refer the matter to the President’s Committee.

4.5 The student will be advised by the Dean's Office that a record of its decision will be retained in the student's file in the Faculty and that, in the event of any further allegations of academic misconduct, the incident may be used in determining the academic measures or discipline to be imposed for subsequent misconduct. The Dean's Office will notify the President's Committee and the instructor in writing of its decision.

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