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Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, Faculty of Science

ENVR: Environmental Science

ENVR 200 (3) Introduction to Environmental Science
Seminars and field trips introducing the major global, regional, and local environmental issues facing human societies. [3-0-0]
Prerequisite: Open to all students with second-year, or higher, standing.
ENVR 300 (3) Introduction to Research in Environmental Science
Environmental research. Students investigate research methodologies and reporting in a range of scientific disciplines and fields. [3-0-0]
Prerequisite: Open to all students with third-year, or higher, standing in the Faculty of Science.
ENVR 400 (6) Community Project in Environmental Science
Instructor-guided collaboration between student teams and community partners on community-based environmental science projects. Teams articulate project questions and goals, devise methods, conduct research and communicate results. Credit will be given for only one of ENVR 400 or ENVR 449. [3-0-0;3-0-0]
Prerequisite: ENVR 300.
ENVR 410 (3) Energy, Environment, and Society
The role of energy in human societies throughout history and the environmental and social implications of energy use. Coverage of both the science and policy of energy use. Energy supply and demand, energy transitions, analytical tools, impacts, and alternatives. [3-0-0]
Prerequisite: Fourth-year standing in B.Sc., B.A.Sc. or related programs.
ENVR 420 (3) Ecohydrology of Watersheds and Water Systems
Analysis of water resources from a water-in-ecosystem perspective. Application to natural, managed, and urban systems, considering ecological interactions with hydrological processes. Exploration of biogeochemical processes related to water quality, and human impacts on water resources. [3-0-0]
Prerequisite: One of GEOB 305, EOSC 329.
ENVR 430 (3) Ecological Dimensions of Sustainability
Current issues. Application to agricultural, energy, and resource systems in terrestrial and aquatic contexts. Analysis of complex problems; incorporation of science into novel interdisciplinary solutions. [3-0-0]
Prerequisite: One of ENVR 300, BIOL 230. Or fourth year standing in the BSCN program or other demonstrated ecology background.
ENVR 440 (3) Analytical Methods in Sustainability Science
Sustainability analysis through a series of case studies. Example approaches include cost-benefit analysis, trade-offs analysis, and life-cycle analysis. Active learning in a computer lab using real-world data. [2-2-0]
Prerequisite: One of ENVR 200, ASIC 220, SCIE 220, GEOG 211. Third-year standing.
ENVR 448 (3/6) d Directed Studies in Environmental Science
Investigation of a topic to be agreed upon by a member of the faculty and the student. Permission of an ENSC advisor and of the supervising faculty member is required prior to registration.
Prerequisite: Third year standing in the Faculty of Science.
ENVR 449 (6) Environmental Science HonoursThesis
Prerequisite: ENVR 300 and fourth-year standing in the B.Sc. Environmental Sciences honours program.
ENVR 490 (3) Student Directed Seminars in Environmental Sciences
Self-directed, collaborative studies in environmental sciences, in a group-learning environment, initiated and coordinated by senior undergraduate students with the supervision of a faculty advisor. Course structure, enrolment, and delivery methods will comply with the Handbook for Student Directed Seminars. This course is not eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading.
Prerequisite: Prerequisite: Third-year standing.

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