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African Studies, Faculty of Arts

AFST: African Studies

AFST 250 (3/6) d Introduction to African Studies
Cultural, historical, and geographical issues of African Studies.
AFST 308 (3) The Languages of Africa
Linguistic survey of the languages of Africa, including typological and historical connections between languages, individual and comparative surveys of sound systems, word structures, sentence structures, semantics, and sociolinguistic properties of a representative selection of languages.
Equivalency: LING 308.
AFST 309 (3) Arts of Africa and the African Diasporas
Comparative exploration of art practices and their relationship to colonial and postcolonial histories.
Equivalency: ARTH 309.
AFST 351 (3/6) d Perspectives in African Studies: Literary and Theoretical Approaches
Major issues and theoretical approaches.
Corequisite: AFST 250.
AFST 352 (3/6) d Perspectives in African Studies: A Social Science Approach
Major issues and theoretical approaches.
Corequisite: AFST 250.
AFST 370 (3-6) d Literatures and Cultures of Africa and/or the Middle East
Literary and cultural works from Africa; some sections include Africa and the Middle East. Multiple perspectives on local, national, and global issues including colonialism, migration, transnationalism, education, art and politics. May include fiction, poetry, drama, digital media, and other forms. Consult department website for current year's offerings.
Prerequisite: Third-year standing and 3 credits from one of (a) 100-level ENGL or (b) 200-level ENGL or (c) ARTS 001 or (d) ASTU 100 or (e) ASTU 101 or (f) WRDS 150 or (g) WRDS 350. 6 credits of 100- and/or 200-level English courses is recommended. Prerequisites must be met by the first day of class or students will be withdrawn.
Equivalency: ENGL 370.
AFST 380 (3/6) d Study of Sociolinguistics of a Selected African Language
Selected African language with emphasis on major syntactic structures, vocabulary, conversation patterns, reading short texts, and the cultural and historical contexts of language use.
AFST 410 (3) Seminar in African Art
Key debates in the art of Africa and the African diaspora. This course is not eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading.
Equivalency: ARTH 410.
AFST 450 (3/6) d African Diasporic Culture in African Canadian Communities
African diasporic culture in Canadian society, fostering dialogue with members of African Canadian communities on cultural values, traditions, memory, adaptation and change.

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