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Faculty of Forestry

FOPR: Forest Operations

FOPR 261 (2) Basic Geomatics for Natural Resources
Techniques of measuring and surveying as they are applied in assessing and managing natural resources. [2-2-0]
FOPR 262 (3) Forest Access and Transportation
Introduction to the physical attributes of forest access and transportation and how they best integrate with the objectives of resource sustainability. [2-3-0]
Prerequisite: FOPR 261.
FOPR 264 (4) Introduction to Forest Operations
Basic geomatics, surveying and forest operations. [2-4-0]
FOPR 362 (3) Harvesting Systems and Forest Access
The mechanics and productivity of a broad range of forest harvesting systems combined with topics on forest access. [3-0-1]
Prerequisite: ECON 101.
Corequisite: FRST 318.
FOPR 388 (3) Analytical Methods in Forest Hydrology
Analytical methods in forest hydrology and their applications in the planning of forest operations with a focus on the hydrologic and hydraulic design procedures for stream crossings. [3-2]
Corequisite: FOPR 262.
FOPR 459 (3) Economics, Contracts, and Finances in Forest Operations
A capstone project-based course with applications of engineering economics, contract preparation, and financial planning in the context of Forest Operations. [2-2]
Prerequisite: FRST 318. Fourth-year standing.
FOPR 464 (4) Operational Planning and Management
A comprehensive overview of operational planning, financial and contractual management. Includes an experiential learning opportunity that focuses on critical thinking and teamwork. These skills combined with the theoretical course content are applied in a practical application with an external stakeholder. [2-2-0]
Prerequisite: FOPR 362.

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