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Radiology, Faculty of Medicine

RADI: Radiology

RADI 700 (0) Physics and Technology for Radiology
During the first month of residency training, didactic instruction is given at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in the physics of radiology and the fundamentals of radiographic technology (radiography). During this one-month residency period, the resident is trained in radiographic technology by working as a technologist at one of the affiliated hospitals. Eight hours daily.
RADI 701 (0) Continuing Instruction in Basic Sciences
During the four years of training in Radiology and/or Nuclear Medicine, scheduled and unscheduled instruction is given in physics (one hour per week).
Prerequisite: Pathology correlated with radiology (one hour per week).
RADI 702 (0) Clinical Investigation or Research
Each resident is encouraged to complete an investigative project in each of the four years in Radiology, under the supervision of a faculty member, for possible presentation at an annual department meeting. Average 80 hours each year.
RADI 703 (0) Current Topics in Radiology
Approximately six internationally recognized authorities in radiology and two or three in nuclear medicine are invited to visit this department each year for one to five day periods, during which lectures, consultations and small group seminars are given.
RADI 705 (0) Elective Periods
During the third and fourth years of Radiology for eight hours daily, elective periods of one to twelve months, as acceptable to the resident and the Program Director, are available for two or more of the radiologic subspecialties including computed tomography, ultrasound, neuroradiology, paediatric radiology, nuclear medicine, angiography, interventional radiology and magnetic resonance imaging.
RADI 710 (0) Clinical Nuclear Medicine
Daily discussions of the clinical applications of nuclear medicine. See PATH 730.
RADI 711 (0) Progress in Nuclear Medicine
Weekly reviews of current literature topics in nuclear medicine. See PATH 731.
RADI 712 (0) Clinical Investigation/Research
Participation in ongoing research projects within the division. See PATH 732.
RADI 713 (0) Audit in Nuclear Medicine
Review of diagnostic nuclear medicine procedure, correlation with other diagnostic tests, and final patient diagnosis. Also offered as PATH 733.

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