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Community and Regional Planning, Faculty of Applied Science

URSY: Urban Systems

URSY 510 (3) Urban Systems and Society
Urban systems in society and economy; spatial issues; equity and social justice. Governance, policy, regulation. Globalization and international development; implications for urban systems. Urban and regional economics; infrastructure financing. Urban systems and technology; tradeoffs; socio-economic-technical systems; emerging and green technologies. This course is not eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading.
URSY 520 (3) Urban Systems Analysis and Planning
Planning for engineers. Demand-side planning: population and demand modelling; demand management. Supply-side planning: long term planning, strategic planning. Data, metrics, indicators and assessment. This course is not eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading.
URSY 530 (3) Urban Systems Engineering
Technical infrastructure systems that support communities: water; waste and storm water; solid waste; transportation; energy and data. Systems services and demands; technical alternatives; distribution systems; modelling, design, construction, operations and maintenance issues. This course is not eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading.
URSY 540 (3) Urban Systems Project Delivery and Economics
Stakeholder practices: stakeholder engagement, public consultation, partnerships, stakeholder management, buy-in. Project delivery: project delivery options, public-private partnerships (P3), integrated project delivery (IPD), partnering. Modelling, analytical methods, and decision support: economic and risk modelling. This course is not eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading.
Corequisite: STAT 251 or equivalent course in elementary statistics, CIVL 403 or equivalent course in Engineering Eceonomics.
URSY 550 (3) Infrastructure Asset Management
General frameworks for infrastructure management, system-specific asset management (road conditions, pipe inspection), maintenance and renewal. Data, metrics, indicators and assessment: data sources, performance indicators, assessment, assessing condition and sustainability, multi-objective, multi-criteria decision making, performance prediction, lifecycle cost analysis (LCA), sustainability. This course is not eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading.

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