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Faculty of Arts

This chapter provides an archive of courses offered by UBC. For current course sections and schedules, please visit the online Course Schedule.

AFST African Studies
ASL American Sign Language
AMNE Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies
ARCL Anthropological Archaeology
ANTH Anthropology
ARST Archival Studies
ARTH Art History
ARTC Arts Co-Op
ARTS Arts One Program
ASTU Arts Studies
ACAM Asian Canadian and Asian Migration Studies
ASLA Asian Languages
ASIA Asian Studies
CDST Canadian Studies
CNTO Cantonese
CTLN Catalan
CENS Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies
CHIL Children's Literature
CHIN Chinese
ARBC Classical Arabic
CLST Classical Studies
COLX Computational Linguistics
CRWR Creative Writing
CSIS Critical Studies in Sexuality
CCST Critical and Curatorial Studies
DANI Danish
DMED Digital Media
ECON Economics
ENGL English
ENST Environment and Sustainability
IEST European Studies
FMST Family Studies
FIPR Film Production
FIST Film Studies
FNEL First Nations and Endangered Languages Program
FNIS First Nations and Indigenous Studies
FREN French
GRSJ Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice
GEOS Geographical Sciences
GEOG Geography
GERM German
GREK Greek
HESO Health and Society
HEBR Hebrew
HINU Hindi-Urdu
HIST History
INLB Indigenous Land-Based Studies
INDO Indonesian
INFO Information Studies
IAR Institute of Asian Research
ITAL Italian
ITST Italian Studies
JAPN Japanese
JRNL Journalism
KORN Korean
LATN Latin
LAST Latin American Studies
LASO Law and Society
LIBR Library and Information Studies
LAIS Library, Archival and Information Studies
LING Linguistics
MDIA Media Studies
MDVL Medieval Studies
MES Middle East Studies
ARBM Modern Standard Arabic
MUSC Music
NEST Near Eastern Studies
NEPL Nepali
PERS Persian
PHIL Philosophy
POLS Polish
POLI Political Science
PORT Portuguese
PSYC Psychology
PPGA Public Policy and Global Affairs
PUNJ Punjabi
RGLA Religion, Literature and The Arts
RELG Religious Studies
RMST Romance Studies
RUSS Russian
SANS Sanskrit
SCAN Scandinavian
SLAV Slavic Studies
SOWK Social Work
SOCI Sociology
SOAL South Asian Languages
SEAL Southeast Asian Languages
SPAN Spanish
RGST Study of Religion
SWED Swedish
THTR Theatre
THFL Theatre and Film
TIBT Tibetan Languages
UKRN Ukrainian
URST Urban Studies
VISA Visual Arts
WRDS Writing, Research, and Discourse Studies

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