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Degrees Offered: Ph.D., M.A.



K. S. Anderson, P. Beaudry, B. Copeland, M. Devereux, C. Ferraz, N. Fortin, P. Francois, D. Green, H. Kasahara, A. Lahiri, T. Lemieux, H. Li, K. Milligan, M. Peters, A. Redish, H. Siu, E. Snowberg, F. Trebbi.

Professors Emeriti

W. E. Diewert, N. Gallini, W.C. Riddell.

Associate Professors

M. Bombardini, M. Drelichman, G. Gallipoli, J. Gottlieb, V. Hnatkovska, F. Hoffmann, W. Li, V. Marmer, M. Rehavi, P. Schrimpf, S. Severinov, K. Song.

Assistant Professors

P. Baylis, V. Farinha Luz, S. Hwang, M. Lowe, J. McCasland, S. Moon, S. Noda, J. Perla, T. Rogall, R. Saggio, M. Squires, T. Swiecki, M. Szkup, F. Valencia Caicedo.

Program Overview

The Vancouver School of Economics ranks as one of the top economics departments in Canada and graduates of our Ph.D. and M.A. programs have been offered jobs at prestigious institutions around the globe. The School has internationally recognized expertise in many fields including: macroeconomics, labour economics, international trade and finance, environmental economics, industrial organization, information and incentives, economic theory, health economics, development economics, and economic history. Our programs are small enough to provide detailed supervision of dissertations, but large enough to offer expertise in a wide range of theoretical, applied and policy areas.

Doctor of Philosophy

The Ph.D. program is designed to equip students to design and implement an economic research program, with a view toward a career as an academic, or in the private or public sectors.

Recent graduates have been offered tenure track positions at leading departments in Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia, as well as non-academic positions at consulting companies in Canada and the US, and in a variety of government departments.

Admission Requirements

Applicants for admission to the Ph.D. program are normally expected to hold a Master's degree in economics and to have demonstrated ability to undertake advanced studies and independent research. However, students who have outstanding records in undergraduate honours programs in Economics and show substantial ability to do independent work at an advanced level may be admitted directly to the Ph.D. program.

Program Requirements

The program consists of comprehensive exams, research paper (ECON 640), a dissertation (ECON 699), plus coursework that includes ECON 600, 602, 603, 627, 628, and 690. Students take 2 years of coursework in the core areas of microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics in the first year and, in the second year, in fields of their choice. A research paper and prospectus are required in the third year. Students then write a dissertation meeting the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies requirements (typically this takes two to three years) in their chosen field.

Master of Arts

The M.A. program is a 12-month program designed to prepare students for employment in the private or public sectors, or to enter a Ph.D. program.

Admission Requirements

Applicants for admission to the M.A. program are normally expected to have a strong undergraduate academic record especially in economic theory, statistics, and econometrics, with at least one year of calculus. Additional study of calculus and linear algebra is strongly advised.

Program Requirements

The program includes 18 credits taken as ECON 500, 502, 526, 527, 594, plus 12 additional credits of electives. The electives are typically 500-level ECON courses.

The thesis option takes two-to three years. It requires prior arrangement but substitutes the 12 credits of economics electives in the standard program with the 12-credit ECON 599 thesis.

For detailed information regarding admission and program requirements, please visit the Program.

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