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Attendance and Examinations

1. Attendance

Regular attendance is expected of students in all their classes. Students who neglect their academic work and assignments may be excluded from the final examination. Students who are unavoidably absent because of illness, disability or unforeseen circumstances should report to their instructors or LFS Student Services as soon as possible. When appropriate, academic concession may be granted in accordance with the University’s policy found here.

2. Examinations

Students who are absent from examinations should refer to the University’s Academic Concession policy here and connect with the LFS Student Services Office if they have any questions.

Formal written examinations are normally required at the end of all courses and are normally scheduled during the official examination periods at the end of term, as per the University’s regulations governing exams. Enrolment Services schedules these examinations and makes the information available to students through the Student Services Website part way through the term. Students are expected to make travel plans after their last scheduled examination. In some courses passing the final examination is a requirement for passing the course but may not in itself be sufficient to pass. Students may be denied a passing grade for unsatisfactory work during the session or if their essays, reports, or examinations are notably deficient in English. Also, in any course which involves both laboratory work and written examinations, students must complete and pass both parts to pass the course.

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